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Daily Devotional

This thing is too heavy for thee; thou art not able to perform it thyself alone.
EXODUS 18:18
It is always better to set one hundred men to work, than attempt to do the work of one hundred men.
F. B. Meyer
Self is the governing factor in many areas of human life, and it is with considerable difficulty that this principle is kept outside the door of the church. We are familiar with that type of church member who views his association with the local church merely as a means of advancing himself in his own circlehere is another avenue through which he may satisfy his craving for personal popularity and self-glorification. Such a display is always distasteful to the believer who knows anything of the humility of his Master.

Self is prone to manifest itself in another wayless obvious, less blameworthy, but no less dangerous. It is in that attitude which says, No one is able to do this job to my satisfaction; I must do it all myself. Perhaps all of us have been guilty on this count at one time or another! Moses was in danger of falling into this trap, whether consciously or not. Jethro counselled him to delegate some responsibility to other able men, and his was sound advice. What if Moses had continued without help from those around him? Would he have completed each task in a wholly satisfactory manner? Would the immense burden have caused him to suffer personally? His motives may well have been honourable, but there is always the need to listen to the kind of practical good sense provided in this instance by the words of Jethro.

The work of God is not the work of one man, just as the body does not function because of the contribution of one sole member. Let us never feel that we do not need the help of our fellow labourers, and let us not hesitate to offer such help to those who stand in the forefront of the battle.
Daily devotions are from the book "Eagle's Wings" published by the Free Presbyterian Church.
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