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Daily Devotional

Packed Up and Ready To Go
Prepare thee stuff for removing.
If men are prepared to die they are ready for anything.
J. A. Alexander
The child of God must always be sensitive to direction from above. Ezekiel had a listening heart, a ready response to the promptings of the Lord.

The Lord often brings about radical, even dramatic changes in the expected circumstances of the day. He may call us to remove ourselves in some way. As with Ezekiel, removal may be necessary for us because of corruptions around us or because of rebelliousness within. We have things to learn from this message to the prophet.

The true disciple of Christ must never allow himself to become so enamoured of earthly things as to say, I love my surroundings so much; it is so comfortable where I am; I cannot consider the thought of serving the Lord elsewhere. If the Lord so directs, a change of abode may have to come. Heaven on earth is desirable, but not at the expense of getting out of the will of God. God must sometimes change our location. Our roots tend to run too deep down into the earth. We sometimes forget that here we have no continuing city.

Putting the Lord Jesus first is the Christians chief desire in obeying Him. With some, the big steps they have taken have meant much struggling, tears, and anguish of heart at the beginning of the way. Yet, upon a full surrender of all we know to relinquish, what joy, what victory we have when the peace and the assurance of Gods presence come flooding in! There are never any regrets about doing the Lords will. His way is best. He never makes mistakes.

The people of God are a people ready to go. Sooner or later, heavenly counsel will reach us: Prepare thee stuff for removing. No one is here forever. The saved are set for a sign and a testimony to those who belong to the world. Before long we must take our flight hence to heaven. The ungodly move from this scene without the least sign of making preparation. For them, to remove hence means the loss of everything, the loss of their heaven. To the Christian there is one condition of life: To me to live is Christ, and to die is gain (Phil. 1:21).
Daily devotions are from the book "Eagle's Wings" published by the Free Presbyterian Church.
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