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Conviction of Sin
Cause Jerusalem to know her abominations.
It is our duty to feel sin, to fear sin, and to fly as far as we can.
John Boys
The fifteenth chapter of Ezekiel is all about the vine, a type of Israel. The Lord shows by this figure that He has not chosen His people because of their fitness or goodness, even at their best (15:1-5). Now in chapter 16 God begins to lift the curtain on Jerusalem to give depth to the message of the vine.

Men are blind when it comes to the treachery of the heart. Sinners on the road to hell have no conscience of sin. They know nothing as they should of its guilt or danger, its power or damnation. But the blindness in this instance is in Jerusalemsurely the last place we would expect to find this dreadful malady. Jerusalem is the best place on earth at the time, remember. God put His name there. Yet He grieves over the sin they do not see.

It is necessary for God to open mens eyes to reveal their true condition. The striking thing is that God is not talking here about some sort of obscure sin, the kind of sin some would excuse on that account. Abomination is the worst kind of sin. We concede the small spots we do not see. Here are the glaring faults we have failed to see.

There is a showing of sin that we may feel the intensity of guilt and the sense of gravity in the offence. We do not consciously know what sin is. Ezekiel could not see this in chapter 9 verses 5, 8-10, when he willingly would have held back the angels on their mission of judgment. God will not hide the truth from us. In this chapter we see why there is ruin, heartbreak, death, and hell in the way of the transgressor. There is a showing of sin so that we can thankfully begin to comprehend the mercy of God unto eternal life in Christ.
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