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Daily Devotional

Sins Forgiven and Forgotten
I, even I, am he that blotteth out thy transgressions for mine own sake, and will not remember thy sins.
ISAIAH 43:25
The cross is the cost of my forgiveness.
The great revival preacher H. Grattan Guinness preached from this text one of the most memorable of all his messages. Indeed, since he preached it and published it, preachers around the world have repeated it as the best statement of the gospel from this verse that they know. Guinness preached on Sins Forgiven and Forgotten, in the course of which he made the following points about free grace.

First, it blots out our transgressions from Gods Book. The Lord records all the words, thoughts, and actions of men. What a solemn thought! Who among us could ever face his past without shame and condemnation? What a day will the judgment day be when the books are opened! Do you fear it? Would you escape it? Then it must be by divine pardon. Only God can forgive sins, and He does blot out all the sins of all who trust in the atoning blood of Christ. For believers the record is clear.

Second, it blots out our transgressions with Gods hand. The very hand that recorded our sins blots them out. The hand of Him whom our sins offended erases all notice of them. The hand we so long rejected when it was stretched forth to us in mercy removes every trace of every sin through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Third, it blots out our transgressions from Gods memory. I will not remember thy sins. Sometimes we have great difficulty forgetting our past. It rises up to haunt us. But the Lord has both forgiven and forgotten all our sins. Let us rest in that. There is no sweeter truth this side of heaven.
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