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Daily Devotional

The Silent Sufferer
He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth.
The whole world in comparison with the cross of Christ is one grand impertinence.
Robert Leighton
There is an old saying, Speech is silver; silence is golden. Of Christ it was said, Never man spake like this man (John 7:46). We do well to mark every utterance of the one who is called Gods Word and Gods Truth (John 1:1; 14:6). His speech is certainly of great importance.

When that speech suddenly ceases, we are immediately struck and must ponder, Why? As we stand at His trial, His scourging, and His crucifixion, we are wrapped in the golden silence of the cross. No more eloquent silence has ever been known. Think for a moment of what it teaches.

It teaches that the Lord Jesus Christ willingly gave Himself to be the ransom for His people. The Hebrew word translated oppressed has a wide range of meaning. It carries the idea that Christ was vexed and ill-treated by men. That is plain. But it also means to exact a tribute or ransom (see Deut. 15:2-3; II Kings 23:35). Something was exacted from Christ as a ransom. The context shows what that something was. It was the full payment for our debt of sin that the Saviour paid in the shedding of His own blood. What an awful price He paid!

He paid it willingly. He was afflicted may be translated, He willingly humbled or submitted Himself to pay the price. Christ was not forced to die either by God or by man. He gave His life. He died because He loved us enough to pay for our salvation. That is why he opened not his mouth. He did not complain of His Fathers rod upon Him. He had no word of condemnation for us. He did not even reproach His revilers. Thus He made a perfect expiation and provided a perfect example.

As we consider this silent Sufferer, we feel the glorious fulness and freeness of our salvation. And we feel the compulsion of all saved people to be more like our Saviour, who yielded Himself in perfect and uncomplaining obedience to His Fathers will.
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