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Daily Devotional

The Merits of Christ's Atonement
And he stood between the dead and the living.
The power of the blood of Christ may be seen in this: not one blood-washed soul will be lost.
Alexander Simpson
Had Aaron not interposed himself between the wrath of God and the people as he did, none would have lived in Israel. The position he occupied was designed to stop divine vengeance from smiting any more of the congregation. He occupied it successfully. However, it must be carefully noted that it was not Aaron himself who turned aside the plague. Rather, it was the atonement that he had made that secured safety. A priest without an atonement is powerless to save. Furthermore, it must be a proper atonement. It must be according to Gods requirements.

In making this atonement, Aaron burned the incense ordered by God in the Levitical lawincense comprised of various spices and giving off sweet odours which were acceptable to God. Thus the incense which Aaron carried in his hand propitiated God. Behold in that incense a type of the merits of our great High Priest, the merits of His perfect obedience and spotless purity. What a sweet savour those merits emit! What a covering they provide for the soul! Aarons spices could give off their sweet odours only when they were burned. Fire from off the altar of burnt offering ignited the incense and produced the atoning cloud. It was fire, therefore, that had already fed upon and consumed the innocent sacrificial victim. Only the death and suffering of the sacrifice released the savour of the spices in the incense. Likewise, the merits of Christ are available to make atonement only because He has died under the fire of Gods wrath due to us for sin. By death through blood-shedding, the merits of Christs righteousness are released to make atonement for guilty sinners. That atonement is complete and is totally satisfying to God. It is as sweet incense before His face. Are you sheltering beneath the cloud of Christs atoning merits? If not, you face certain death. Come today, and hide under the propitiation of our great Saviour and High Priest.
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