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Daily Devotional

The Privilege of Fellowship with God
Truly our fellowship is with the Father.
I JOHN 1:3
Access to God lies open to none but His pure worshippers.
John Calvin
It is important that we think right about having fellowship with God. When communion with our gracious Lord becomes merely a duty, we have lost sight of one of the highest privileges known to man. The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. Adam prior to the fall experienced unbroken fellowship with his Maker. Every thought of his heart was well pleasing to God. But when sin entered the world, everything changed. Adam was driven from his Creators presence and stripped of the rich privilege of fellowship with God.

Let us never lightly esteem the glory that is ours in coming with boldness to the throne of grace. It took the very blood of Jesus Christ, Gods only begotten Son, to restore us to this forfeited privilege. Do we realize that fellowship with our Creator and Redeemer is the reward of Christs suffering? So may we cherish and glory in the cross of Gods dear Son and continually apprehend it as our basis for fellowship with our Father in heaven. What was lost by the actions of the first Adam has been restored through the work of the last Adam.

Not only are Christs sufferings the ground of our fellowship with God, but also the substance of communing with Him. The Lamb has brought us back to a privileged position of walking with God. So may we seek to follow the mind of God as we set our hearts on His beloved Son. Our holy God will not have fellowship with those who walk in darkness; therefore let us walk in the light of Gods eternal love that delivered over Jesus Christ to pay the necessary punishment of sin in order that we should praise His holy name in heaven rather than gnash our teeth at Him for all eternity in hell.
Daily devotions are from the book "Eagle's Wings" published by the Free Presbyterian Church.
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